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Dean Boudreau

Dean Boudreau is a Canadian pop/dance/electronic singer/songwriter. His unique vocal stylings have earned comparisons to Darren Hayes (lead singer for Australian pop act; Savage Garden).

Dean grew up the youngest of two children in Riverton, Nova Scotia - Canada. He was often the muted, head-in-a-book type but it became evident early on that Dean was a creative soul dying to express himself.


After Dean's parents divorced when he was eight years old, music was both an escape and a powerful healing tool for him as he grew up, eventually moving from his hometown to the city of Halifax, NS to take up photography at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. During this new and exciting time, breaking free and going it alone, Dean discovered his voice.

Dean began writing and producing simple but catchy pop songs. As he developed his skills the tracks became more polished, personal, and meaningful. Collaborators he met through entered the mix and soon a 16-track album entitled "Lost in Paradise" was created. Plans to release this album fell through as Dean never truly felt the quality of the album was up for public consumption.

Then along came Joey Impure and Global Dance Recordings. The produced remix to Dean's standout track with collaborator 151 (John Hobart) "Do You Think of Me" was well received. Impure saw the potential and proposed they work on additional material. Their first release, a cover of the 1991 Collage hit; "I'll Be Loving You" gained the team much attention and momentum.

In 2014 Jared Jones and Dean Bourdeau collaborated to release the hit single "LoveSick". The single features remixes from Nick Harvey, Deep Influence, Matt Moss, and more!


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